How do you make videos WORK for you?

Video, on its own, isn’t magically going to grow your business. But if you use video strategically to accomplish specific business objectives, you’ll see serious returns.


Video isn't really a "new thing".  Its power and principle date back to the 1890's.   Its not enough to simple have a video.  You need a clear vision of what you want this tool top do for you.

  • What can I do to mitigate "panic" for new customer?
  • How I do increase productivity of my staff?
  • How can I reduced the number of angry customer in support of our referral / word-of-mouth programs?

Character Driven Storytelling

Start with your Story Archetype

View from Above Entertainment is a Digital Media Production Studio based in Mesa, Arizona. Its primary function is to create and distribute a variety of original programming, ranging from comedic series to dramatic documentaries; short and feature length films.

  Our  secondary mission is to  provide creative art solutions for a variety of clients with a story to tell and an audience anxious to hear it..