[Online audiences]’re not only looking to learn about your mission statement and elevator pitch, but also want to dig deeper and get to know what’s at the core of your brand.

How do you make videos work FOR you?

Your clients, customers, and prospects are your audience. Being able to clearly communicate how you are, what you do, and why they should choose you is crucial to your success.

As an independent video producer I specialize in working with small and medium sized business to tell their stories.


I believe in "Character-Driven Storytelling" and serialized content to help distinguish you and your organization from your competition.

We are the stories that we tell.


  • How do I communicate what I do?
  • How to articulate the experience of working with me?
  • How do I distinguish myself from competition?
  • What can I do to mitigate "panic" for new customer?
  • How I do increase productivity of my staff?
  • How can I reduced the number of angry customer in support of our referral / word-of-mouth programs?

From Ideation to Distribution

Long before the camera rolls I will work with you and your company to identify and develop your most  meaningful stories in to a video package the will provide insight and authenticity to your audience.

The first step in the process is to:

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View from Above Entertainment is a Digital Media Production Studio based in Mesa, Arizona. Its primary function is to create and distribute a variety of original programming, ranging from comedic series to dramatic documentaries; short and feature length films.

  Our  secondary mission is to  provide creative art solutions for a variety of clients with a story to tell and an audience anxious to hear it..