Start with your vision.

Plan of Action

If you want to create a video for your business or your website, it all starts with having a concrete plan for what you want your video so do and say.

The Video Creator's Production Planner is a simple Step-by-Step guide to identifying the core elements of any video project.


Your Audience - Get clear on WHO you want to say it to.

Your Message - Get clear on WHAT you want to say.

Your Meaning - Get clear on WHY you are saying it.

and Create

Your Script - Create the BLUEPRINT for your video success.

...and Create a

View from Above Entertainment is a Digital Media Production Studio based in Mesa, Arizona. Its primary function is to create and distribute a variety of original programming, ranging from comedic series to dramatic documentaries; short and feature length films.

  Our  secondary mission is to  provide creative art solutions for a variety of clients with a story to tell and an audience anxious to hear it..